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Abăcioaei Bianca Olimpia

The compositions revolve around a human character, represented as an axis mundi, with elements from the vegetable sphere (sticks, leaves, flowers), and from the cosmic sphere (sky, moon, sun, stars).

The human origin stems from the soil, so by their divine nature humans are like plants, they are born, develop, die and then are reborn. Through an osmosis of sticks, leaves and flowers, the human being, a telluric being, is present in nature and relates to it, grows with it. The source of life is nature, powered by heat and sunlight. The human being is the embodiment of the tree, which through its roots and branches makes the connection between heaven and earth, between divine and earthly. The colour palette is reduced to black and gold, which faithfully symbolize the earth and light, the terrestrial and the cosmic, with a single accent of colour, a symbol of life.

A recurrent motif found in my art is the Romanian clothing, as an ancestral symbol of the Romanian identity. The characters created as hieratic creatures are ennobled through this garment along with flowers, as a symbol of beauty, fragility and cyclicity of the human life, woven from grass, light and thought. The bright and royal gold transforms the female characters into queens who bring peace, beauty and love."

“What I create is part of what I feel. It is pure imagination and creativity at loose. Through my art, I intend to offer the viewer a moment of meditation, introspection, a detachment from the concrete reality, to enter the timeless and boundless world of the illustration, discovering its own intrinsic message, rendered through reinterpreted shapes and symbols.

I express what I have in my heart, because art awakens within us the deepest feelings and thoughts, it is the form of communication of the inner self through imagination and a lot of work, and it mirrors the soul of the creator through the beautiful world of images. Everything around me inspires me, but through the ceaseless exercise of the eye and fantasy I manage to create what is seen and left to be discovered by the mind and heart of the viewer.

Stylistically, my art is a symbiosis of elements specific to different art movements. I reinterpreted in a personal way what influenced me through the study of art and architecture over time. The general atmosphere of the work places it in an abstract, graphic area, with elements from Byzantine art, from the art of ancient manuscripts, from Japanese art, along with elements from local art.

My works are characterized by a dynamic of the form with ductile lines that describe characters with a feminine prevalence, the symbol of the eternal and endless creation. The main themes I address are the ones of the human creation, the universe, the cosmos, the close connection between human and nature. 

Abstract ink art

Abstract ink art

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