In conclusion, what is that I can actually offer?

Drawing is the pillar of the entirety of my work. Whether it is a figure study, a finite painting or a narrative sequence, I want Drawing to be autonomous, accompanied and served by watercolor, gouache, soft pastels, colored pencils, ink and all the different techniques that I can use to give a soft, delicate and vibrant sensation to it. My main purpose is to let this kind of Sensitivity leak out from everything I create.”

“Born in Carrara, Italy, in 1995, didn't have to wait much before developing a deep bond with the Discipline of Drawing.

My studies, here in Carrara, have always been characterized by the struggle in finding some sort of mentor figure, who would teach me what, in Art, I always felt profoundly linked to: such as the Language of Comic, Anatomy and Morphology of the human figure, Drawing and Painting Techniques and mostly how to make them coexist, how to create a dialogue between them.
It was at the local Academy of Fine Arts where I finally found Someone who could give me the tools to really improve my skills, personality, awareness and taste in Art.

Currently, I'm near to the end of this particular course of study, but my goals, I feel them far away from me. Not in a negative way, tho. They move along with the constant growth that I can sense everytime I make a little step forward.

Figurative drawings

Figurative drawings

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