Abstract Sculpture


Luck is another idea that develops in time and some of the works are made with this feeling that is the way to keep time in our dreams.  

The parts of our body give the idea that with hands or legs we keep the contact with Mother Earth, from where we belong, from where we leave and where we go.

The page of the book is another cycle which symbolizes the memories we can keep in a book we have near our heart.

The materials used in the art works are wood, stone, metal or bronze and the style is a combination between abstract, anthropomorphic and symbolic ways of expressing the feelings."     

A couple of facts about Eugen Petri:
   • 1989 - Graduate of the Art University in Bucharest.
   • From 1990 - Member of UAP Romania.
   • From 2008 - Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors
   • Since 1990 he has exhibited in international, national and county exhibitions, has participated in over 30 sculpture symposiums in over 10 countries and did art works in over 25 countries all over the world.
   • Artistic director of: Caransebes International Sculpture symposium 2010-2021, Palestine 2014, Busteni 2016 and Ploiesti 2018-2019.

"The art works are structured in some series of ideas. One of the first is the pressure. So we can see some works which have the screw, we are pressed from a lot of things in life, we are pressed from taxes, from globalisation. The surfaces are polished and some are chapped; this contrast gives the forms more vibration.

Another series of the art works is the trickling of fluid, the trickling of time. In fact, the time is trickling like a liquid. The forms in stone that give the feeling that they are soft, are the target of my art. 

Abstract Sculpture

Abstract Sculpture

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