All of these are things that you, as an artist, need to go through in order to be able to express yourself through art.

allocate the time needed for this creative process.

buy all the paint, ink, brushes, canvases, paper, spray…you name it!

find things that inspire you so you can continue to grow as an artist.

deal with the artistic struggle of finding your creative direction & style.

put in countless hours in order to develop and perfect the necessary skills to reach a certain level of mastery.

find a place that you can use as a studio.

As an artist, just to mention a few, you need to:

Creating art is already difficult as it is.

Let's face it...

Think of Artstanding as a bridge between your talent and people’s love for your work. You will find here people that understand the true value of original creations, people that have beautiful ideas and want to express them with your help and through your talent.

I believe that artists like you should only have to focus on their art and not spend their time finding and running after clients.

I want to help art creators worldwide reach as many people as possible and help them pursue their creative dreams. More than that, I want to guide art lovers and enthusiasts and help them be part of the art creation process, but without hindering it.

Often times, because this process is so long and has numerous obstacles, artists face financial difficulties, which in turn forces them to give up what they like doing the most – CREATING ART.

Actually, grab a seat because we haven't even started talking about the things that you need to do to actually sell your art...


I'm not an art expert but I do choose the artists that I decide to work with and do curate the art pieces that are sold on Artstanding.

I’d love to hear from you so don’t be shy!

If you want to be an Artstanding artist, get in touch and I will share with you more information regarding how all this works, my vision and how we could work together!

I strive to maintain a personal and regular contact will all my artists, so if you are looking for a mass sell-production type of sales channel, Artstanding might not be the right one for you.

Join the Artstanding community and be part of a co-creation platform that will allow you not only to share your talent and art with people all over the world but also to help others bring their inner magic to life.

No membership fees are needed for this. Just your desire to create!



For the art pieces you have already created and would like to sell, we also have an online store where we can take care of this for you.



I will take care of bringing the art enthusiasts to you, will maintain the relationship with them and strive to provide you with clear briefs that ensure your creative freedom is not tampered with.


Focus only
on your art!

a try?

Why give Artstanding