Abstract oil paintings


My art pieces are part of many private collections in countries like Sweden, Germany, Hungary, USA, France and many cities in Romania.

Besides traditional paintings, I also created decorative art, fashion design, paintings on glass and wood and even book illustrations.

My signature painting style on canvas is represented by colour, which beautifully blends in harmonious compositions that are made with the purpose of getting closer to people’s hearts. A painting like this will only bring joy to your home and people around you.”

“Abstract art is especially suitable for modern people, people that have an open mind, are full of harmonious feelings and have the mental capacity to feel the artistic language of the colours expressed in pure form. In this type of art, the interior universe of the artist is free of the limited elements of the visual world.

I was born in the heart of the Carpathians, in Apuseni in a Transylvanian town in Romania.
My entire being has been influenced by the beauty of the surroundings of my birthplace. Places dominated by peace, pure water and nature. This is the place where I wish I could paint every day. My father was a doctor and my mother a painter. She was my first teacher.

I graduated from the Fine Arts University in Timisoara and moved on to being a professional painter and professor in art schools in Bucharest.

Abstract oil paintings

Abstract oil paintings

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