…who you are?
…what you believe in?
…what inspires you?

I created Artstanding so that it can become the bridge between talented artists and people who want to express themselves in a personal, creative and affordable way.

You just share your ideas and I help out with the rest! Together, we put the wheels in motion and create a unique piece that is all about the boundary-free expression of your feelings, thoughts, and imagination.

Sounds good, right?


There are SO many off-the-shelf things that you can buy, but how many of them do actually represent…

Not so many, I would say.



Check out the below section and choose the style that best suits your taste.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite style, click on one of the artists so you can see more examples of their work in their portfolios.

choose an artist & style



Once you’ve chosen your favourite artist, click on the ‘Hire [artist name]'  button, fill in the briefing form and place your order.

Don’t worry if you need more time to think about the info you filled in the briefing form! After we check your brief with the artist, until we confirm your order, you can still make changes.

brief your favourite artist



Once we have a final brief, we'll communicate with the artist directly so that she can start working on your project.

Depending on the artist’s availability and technique used for your art piece, the beautiful & unique statement of yourself will reach your home in only a couple of weeks!

receive your unique art piece

so why not give it a try?

so why not
give it a try?

an option for every budget

Prices for the commissioned art pieces can range from €350 to €2000. It all depends on the artist you want to hire and the technique they use to create your art piece. You can check all these on the artists' portfolio page.

When placing your order for a custom-made piece, you don't need to pay anything. 

You only pay 30% of the total value after we have confirmed your brief with the artist. You pay the rest of the amount, the 70% left, when we are ready to ship your art piece.

An estimation of the shipping costs will also be provided when we send you a payment link for the 30% advance payment. 

Looking for
some inspiration?

Check out some examples of artworks that have already been created through this exact same process.

see examples

... and let's sort this out together!

schedule a 30 min ZOOM call

If you’re not sure of how all this works, need help with filling in the briefing form for the artist or just have questions, I’m here to help!

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